Add a Bonus Room to Your Home

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While remodels can do wonders for your home's value and your comfort, you're still limited by the current structure of your house. Create your ideal living space in the Fredonia & Irving, NY area with a few home additions. North County Carpentry can build new rooms or finish your basement, depending on your needs.

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We can construct all kinds of home additions

You'll be surprised at the many types of additions you can add to your home. Our lead home addition contractor can build:

  • Bonus rooms to give you more storage space
  • Kitchens so you can host more guests for dinner parties
  • Living rooms to create family bonding spaces
  • Bathrooms to increase the comfort in your home
  • In-home offices to create a dedicated workspace
  • Mother-in-law suites to provide more room for guests staying overnight
  • Garage apartments so you can have a room to rent out
  • Nurseries to provide a separate space for your bundle of joy

Discover how an extra room or two can increase your home's value and increase your comfort. Get in touch with us today to start planning your home additions.